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Brain Alchemy 432 Hz

開発者 Regency Software
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Brain Alchemy 432 HzRelax and enjoy and feel relaxing vibrations You will feel lightly vibrations and sound of special frequency and feel relaxing Relax and enjoy and feel relaxing vibrations This app is a combination of brainwave binaural beats, a Tibetan sound bowl for the 6th chakra (3rd Eye) and meditation OM chanting music tuned to 432 Hz. In this 26-minute journey you are about to experience a complete retuning of your brain frequency from its usual Beta activity all the way down to the Delta range (deep meditation and prayer, this is also the frequency of the infant brain).The first 10 minutes of “432 Hz Brain Alchemy” evokes slowly decreasing brain frequencies with a combination of binaural beats and OM chanting music. Last 16 minutes containing a combination of specially tuned Tibetan bowls for opening and awakening the 3rd Eye, binaural beats, and Tibetan monks chanting soothing music…This is a form of Brain massage and relaxation using all frequencies from Delta, Theta, and Alfa through Beta.Headphones are mandatory: techniques used in this project are only effective when using them.Instructions:Close your eyes, relax and focus your inner sight in between your eyebrows. After a few minutes, “watch” the colours your 3rd Eye is starting to “emit”. Go with the flow and enjoy the trip…